Lease Return Center

Avis Ford is an Official Return Center for your Ford Credit lease vehicle.

Is the termination date on your Ford lease nearly here? We recommend a thorough Pre-Inspection be conducted on your vehicle prior to turn-in. 

Avis Ford has highly qualified and dedicated professionals who will discuss all of your lease end options. We understand that choosing your next vehicle is a very important decision. Here at Avis Ford, we want to make your renewal as easy and convenient as possible. 

Call us to schedule an appointment today. 888-761-7394

Lease End Options

  1. Turn in your leased vehicle. We accept your Ford lease turn in here at our dealership no matter where you leased your vehicle.
  2. Purchase your leased vehicle at lease end through Avis Ford and take advantage of special financing offered through Ford Credit Financing and various lenders
  3. Extend your lease by calling Ford Credit at 1-800-727-7060
  4. Lease or purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle from Avis Ford and claim exclusive rebates and other incentives only available to renewing lessees. 

Even better options during your lease...
Give us an opportunity to evaluate your current position in your leased vehicle. We trade customers out of their leased vehicles every day. With our special auto loan and leasing options, it's never been easier.

Upgrade your leased vehicle without upgrading your payment.

Don't believe it? Contact a Lease Loyalty Specialist Today.